How to meet people and get new leads FAST

It’s hard to get new leads.

Even harder when there’s restrictions in place demanding social distancing and forcing us into isolation. So how do we get around that? We meet new people in new ways. In this video we talk about how to be engaging in your marketing attempts by being personable and genuine. In the end you have solution that will help someone and all you need to do is get it in front of them right?

Could it be so simple?

There’s a little more to getting leads and growing your business than just showing everyone your product. You need to develop brand (which is just a fancy way of saying reputation). It’s the values and beliefs of the company. How in line you are with someone’s identity will determine whether or not they will buy something from you. If you want to get new leads you have to speak their language!

So what’s the bottom line?

Are you likeable?

Although there is a ton of subtlety and nuance in the world of Social Marketing, there are core principles that will work anywhere for anything when it comes to social dynamics. You can use these principles to meet new people and add them into the top of your sales funnel. For example, talking to someone and discovering the pain points they have. Or digging deeper and understanding the driving factors to their bigger life choices. These are important elements that will help you connect with someone on a deeper level allowing a connection and bond that will keep them loyal to you. And these things work offline and online.

The building blocks of getting new leads using SOCIAL MEDIA

The most important part of these fundamentals when it comes to getting new leads is the intent behind the interaction. Are you here to help someone at all costs or are you here to collect money for a service? That isn’t to say you won’t get paid for the thing you are selling, assuming that your product or service is solving a problem someone has, that being the case are you actually there to help? Because People Can Tell!

If you can confidently answer yes to that question then you’re a mile ahead of the crowd. Here’s the trick. BRING VALUE into every interaction. It starts with identifying what’s on your value ladder and what the trade is. A smile for some time. A freebie for some consideration. A gift card for a transaction.

Define your value ladder and meet people where they are on it.

So ask yourself, “What are the services I can offer to groom someone into the position to purchase something from me?”

See how far you can get with it and what results you can get from operating in that frame.

Good Luck out there!

Want to get more new leads?

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