Get more leads & qualify them into customers

If you’re struggling to get more leads the tips and strategies outlined in this video can help you serve your customers better. The governing principle we use is this: There is no “One Size Fits All” solution in most cases.

People like things to fit them. They want to feel special in their interactions. Even more so they want to know they matter and the best way to communicate that with them is by qualifying them for the right solution so you can help them solve their own pain points.

Why is it hard to get more leads?

We forget the humanity behind the devices! We think of getting more leads as a numbers thing and often forget that there is a person on the other side of our content. Humans operate on a very basic level. Does this feel good or bad? Knowing this, there are some foundational principles that we use to outline this process in our own sales funnel and it starts by having empathy. Understanding who our customers are on a deeper level means we can address what hurts and how to make the pain go away. Then they feel good. But it can’t be that simple can it?

Well, why not? If we know what hurts and how to make it feel better and we can communicate that in a way that resonates with someone don’t you think people will want to stick around to hear the “HOW”? So flip the whole thing on it’s head.

The solution you need to get more leads…

Turn the table for a minute. Try to walk a mile in your customers shoes. How do your customers qualify you? What factors to they consider when they’re deciding if you are the one for them? Do you feel trustworthy? Are you like them in some way? Will you be around for a while? And, how do you share this with your customers in a way that they will understand? If you do this properly you’ll ONLY talk to people who are right for you and your brand.

All of this comes from having a solid sustainable content model that will allow you to communicate with your customers on a deeper and much more personal level. Know that you help people, and that someone will buy from you. That will make you confident enough to spend your time listening and doing some discovery. Be honest with yourself and your customer and if it turns out you aren’t a good fit its way better to support them by directing them to someone who is.

What makes you talk-about-able?

When people are talking about you, your business becomes a form of social currency. It inherently makes the person talking about you more valuable to their friends and family because they know of “The Best” business for a specific solution. How are you serving your customers in a way that gets them talking?

An example of this is the plumber who washes dishes. After fixing a leak in a customers sink he proceeds to hand wash each of the dishes he finds on the counter. When the customer tries to sto phim he simply refuses and remarks that he must test the fix to ensure the best quality work. That’s a story worth sharing!

Can we do more for you?

Let us know if this is helping and where else you’re facing challenges. We want to make sure what we’re doing is valuable to you and the best way to let us know is by clicking a thumbs up or down  on the video and even better, subscribing to the channel on YouTube.

We’re going to be releasing a steady stream of videos aiming at helping you refine your sales process, build brand through sustainable content, and scale up your business backed by over 2 decades of combined experience as entrepreneurs. We don’t know everything but what we do know might help so stay tuned for more!

Until next time, Good luck out there!

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