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What's the #1 reason why most businesses don't have any content online?

Creating content to build your business takes a lot of time and effort to plan, research, capture, edit, distribute, and measure.

What's the #1 way to grow your business in 2023...

Creating and distributing content online that delivers a high level of value, proof of authority, and creates the space for your prospects to engage with your business.

What's the fastest and easiest way to accomplish that goal?

A Podcast.

Let's say you make a single piece of content that 10000 people get to see.

If only 1% of those people decide that they like you - you've captured the undivided attention of 100 people.

All it would take is 1% of those people to decide that you're right for them and you've won yourself a client.

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You probably have questions...

The fastest way for you to get those questions answered is to hop on a call with us.

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Allow us to explain how we do what we do...

step 1

Outline your show.

Imagine harnessing the exciting storytelling power of box office heavy hitters like Marvel and combining it with the easy listening and candid conversations of a smooth radio talk show.

We can to teach you how to do that.

step 2

audio & visual branding.

Your business has a personality that is unique to who you are and how you serve your clients. Capturing that and communicating it with your audience helps you connect with them on a much more personal level.

That's what we specialize in.

step 3


You've been shopping on Amazon looking for deals on microphones and then Googling which ones are best for podcasting and now your heads spinning because you can't decide between a dynamic condenser or an omnidirectional cardioid.

We know which one to buy.

step 4

Get you the right guests.

Having the right person on your show could mean the difference between first page on Google or forgotten on the fifth.

We know people that know people.

step 5

Teach you how to record.

There are 100's of different software solutions you can use to capture high quality episodes. You don't need to worry about which ones do what stuff.

We'll show you exactly what to do.

step 6

Edit the episodes for you.

If you thought recording software was intimidating just wait until you have to try to edit a multi-cam sequence on a Premiere Pro timeline.

Or just let us handle it.

step 7

Cut clips for your socials.

You know those really boring still images with waveforms jiggling over them and a 50 pixel profile picture that makes you look like a sims character that every other podcast posts on Instagram but no one ever interacts with?

We don't do that.

step 8

Write all your copy.

If you haven't already been able to discern from this last section, we love to write. Having post descriptions and show notes that are exciting and engaging is how you inspire people to action. And by action we mean buy stuff from you.

If you hire us there's the proof.

step 9

Post daily on your socials.

What's the point in doing all this if people don't see you? If you want a chance at beating the evil algorithm so you can reach the people you aim to serve you you need to maximize your output. One post a week isn't going to cut it.

We'll take care of that too.

...And who we are


the fearless leader

I started making music when I was 14 years old with aspirations of one day singing on stage to crowds of thousands of people. In 2006 I launched an independent record label that specializes in helping artists turn their passion into a business.

As I meandered through the world of music and marketing helping friends and family launch businesses and find success, it was only a matter of time before branching off into other spaces.

I've gone from a single interview with a stranger to launching a podcast so good a TV network stole it.


the incredible sidekick

I've had a knack for understanding people for as long as I can remember. Being able to listen and really hear someone when they don't know what they want is my specialty.

I've had a wide array of experience in a number of different companies and roles and I usually find myself cleaning up after a messy and disorganized creative person.

Think of me like the organizational glue that holds everything together. Devon likes to think he's in charge but I really run things around here!


the mad scientist

The odds that you're here on this home page because of an email or message I've sent you are VERY high.

Devon was broke and needed sales people and I was willing to work on a commission basis for way too long.

Now I'm heading up the sales team and work diligently on making sure you know who Seven Tree Media is and how we can help you!

If you ended up here because of me Hello Again!

Together We Are Seven Tree Media

Helping mission led entrepreneurs give value and build legacy.

Ready To Get To Work?

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Use the calendar here to choose a day and time that will allow for a 15 minute chat about you and your business. No sales pitch, just a virtual coffee.

(or whiskey if that's your thing)