Do You Have The Right Mindset For Sales?

Improve Your Sales Mindset

Tired of getting rejected over and over?

Is your sales script wearing out?

There’s probably a good reason for that. The biggest problem most salespeople encounter in the game is their mindset. How do you maintain upward growth if everyone you talk to is chipping away at what you’re building?

Building A Sales Mindset Foundation

Cement in a stronger foundation. That starts with your mindset. It’s a numbers game right? We’ve all heard that before but what does it actually mean? If you talk to ten people and three seem interested then you’ll inevitable close on one right? Well, what if that wasn’t the case?

Every time you speak to someone those “lottery” odds reset back to zero. Every person you talk to is a one in ten chance now. So how can we increase those odds?

Humanize your process.

Take a step back and look at the people you are serving. Who are you helping and what are you helping them with? How can you connect to their emotional transformation when you solve a problem they have?

Are you adding value to their lives on a consistent and regular basis or are you more focused on what you’re going to get out of it? If you’re always doing the later you will be stuck spinning your wheels on every sale spitch because you haven’t been serving your potential client. However, if you assume that your product is the best on the market and it’s inevitable that the person you are talking to will buy it then the game changes.

Adopt A Prescription Model

You can remove the pressure of the sale and focus on the human you are serving. How can you bring them value and elevate them in a way that will bring them closer to your product? How can you teach them things and groom them into a position to buy rather than relying on pressure tactics to “trick” someone into a purchase? We love buying things but we HATE being sold to

You can easily make this a complicated process with it’s actually really simple. This is all about building relationships. Nurturing people. Bringing them value. And most importantly, know that what you bring to the table is valuable and all you need to do is pair it with the person you are trying to serve. Your marketing plan should help you communicate those ideas before you ever speak to someone.

Good luck out there!

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