Are you having the right conversations to drive your sales?

Are You Having The Right Sales Conversations?

Who are you talking to?

What are you talking about?

More importantly… Why are you talking about it?

These are some simple questions to ask yourself so you can begin to measure whether or not the conversations you are having are helping or hindering your sales process. Think of it in terms of the relationships you are building. Whether you’re reaching out to someone for the first time, driving a relationship forward by delivering value, or coming in to the home stretch there are certain elements that will make or break your sale AND your business.

Remember The Humanity!

We are HUGE advocates for re-humanizing the process of sales because the collective sales world has become robotic, predictable, and mundane to say the least. There’s nothing exciting about reading a script and “playing the numbers game” or the  “straight for the kill” flyer advertising.

We aim to change that with this series. This video covers the conversations that really make a difference and why it’s so important for us to reframe the way we think about selling something. If you’re anything like us, there is an underlying drive to help people in meaningful ways that inspires us to do what we do. Having the AHA! moment with someone gives us more than any paycheck ever will.

Sales Conversations That Matter

If you focus on having conversations with people that circle around building value, getting to know someone better, and finding ways to solve their problems through your talents you’ll notice a dramatic shift in your business. Not only will you be happier and more fulfilled in what you do, you’re numbers will see a marked improvement.

It all starts with having THE RIGHT conversations with people you can serve.

So Who Are You Serving?

In light of having conversations let’s start one in the comments! Let us know if this is helping and where else you’re facing challenges. We want to make sure what we’re doing is valuable to you and the best way to let us know is by clicking a thumbs up or down and even better, subscribing to the channel.

We’re going to be releasing a steady stream of videos aiming at helping you refine your sales process, build brand through sustainable content, and scale up your business backed by over 2 decades of combined experience as entrepreneurs. We don’t know everything but what we do know might help so stay tuned for more!

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