Growth Map Training Program

$97.00 / month with a 30-day free trial

This is the Monthly Subscription for the Do-It-Yourself training program for the Fan Base Growth Map Training Program.

Each of these Modules and Lessons are designed to help you develop and deploy your very own Sustainable Content Marketing strategy that will help you grow your fan base without the fear of judgement or rejection.

When you complete your purchase you will unlock the following outcomes:

  • A Self Guided Fan Target Plan
  • A High Value Sustainable Content Plan
  • Technical Application Of Content Creation
  • A Fan Acquisition Map
  • A Content Distribution Plan
  • A Performance Measurement Guide
  • A Contextual Offer Outline
  • A Detailed Marketing Strategy Tailored To Your Path
  • An Optimization And Automation Template To Maximize Your Results

In Addition to these outcomes you can also expect:

  • Measurable results tailored to the outcome you wish to achieve at the pace you are comfortable with
  • Access to our online community with members who are also enrolled in the program

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