How Podcasting Can 3x Your Businesses Growth In Less Than 90 Days!

Interested In Podcasting?

If you want to start podcasting for your business and 3x your qualified inbound leads in 90 days or less without gambling any time or money good news! This strategy will work for you even if you’re not very tech savvy! We’ve worked with many local serving businesses to help them develop a sustainable content model like a podcast, leverage the attention on social media, and convert their most qualified prospects effortlessly and you can do it too.

Our Promise To You…

In this video you will uncover exactly what you need to know to quickly and easily start podcasting so you can reach your target market on Facebook and get more qualified inbound leads without gambling any time or money on your advertising even if you’re not very tech savvy.

Common Problems Most Businesses Face…

You’re probably feeling frustrated because the content you’ve been making isn’t getting you customers like you had anticipated. You’re probably feeling overwhelmed because it’s taking you so long to make that content. Because of that you’re feeling trapped because you can’t seem to find a way to break the cycle.

In Our Experience Podcasting…

In this video we talk about how another local serving business we worked with was facing the challenge of podcasting. We stepped in and helped them define their ideal customer, plan the right content to reach them, and then to create contextual offers for the most engaged members of their perpetually growing audience so they could grow their business and get their life back.

The Reasons These Problems Exist…

You don’t understand the platforms well enough.
You don’t know what content works.
You’re lacking predictable sustainability in your process.

How To Fix It…

The first way to start podcasting more effectively is to define a sustainable model for your content. The second way to connect with the right people is to choose the medium you want to create in. Once you’ve identified those core elements you can share compelling stories from your world with your prospecting customers to prove you’re the authority in your niche..

The Podcasting Puzzle Pieces…

This is just a piece of the three steps that live inside of our 3x Growth Map. We designed, battle tested, and through the law of the jungle, a couple decades of combined knowledge evolved into a proven strategy we like to call a Sustainable Content Model. It follows the 3 Pillar System for effective long term marketing that all successful businesses use to attract new customers and grow their brand at unprecedented speeds.

So What’s The Plan?

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in learning more about we have something really amazing for you. You can grab this entire framework and the training that goes along with it at no cost to you so you can start to carve out your own Sustainable Content Model on your own terms. You will learn the exact steps other successful businesses have used to 3x (or more) their qualified inbound leads in 90 days (or less) without the stress of gambling their time and money, even if you aren’t very tech savvy! Now as the world of marketing constantly evolves so does the resources so this one won’t be available forever. Click the link below to take advantage of this limited resource.

Grab the framework, and enjoy the new leads!