3X Your Qualified Inbound Leads Without Gambling ANY Time Or Money!

Are you stuck dealing with Sh*%#y leads?! If you want to increase your inbound qualified leads and close more sales there is an easy to follow strategy that will help you! This approach has helped other local serving businesses to 3x their qualified inbound leads in 90 days or less without gambling any time or money! The tools we outline in this video will help you attract more highly qualified leads in less time and with way less effort. We’ve worked with many local serving businesses to help them reach their audience and convert their most qualified prospects into customers effortlessly by using a Sustainable Content Model that drives sales!

Our Promise To You…

In this video you will uncover exactly what you need to know to increase your qualified inbound leads quickly and easily. Once you have their attention you can convert them into paying customers without gambling any more time or money on your advertising. When you deploy this strategy you;ll find that it’s effective even if you’re new to online marketing.

The Common Problems Most Businesses Face When It Comes To Leads…

Every business is unique in the solutions they offer their customers. Oftentimes businesses run into the same set of problems when it comes to using Facebook Ads to attract qualified leads. In our experience these are the three main challenges we encounter:

  1. Frustrated because the leads you’re getting aren’t very high quality.
  2. Overwhelmed because you have too much work to do to syphon through them.
  3. Trapped because you don’t know what to do to fix this problem.

In Our Experience When It Comes To Leads…

This video we share how another local serving business we worked with was facing the challenge of poor quality leads. We stepped in and helped them define their ideal customer, plan the right content to reach them, and then to create contextual offers for the most engaged members of their perpetually growing audience so they could grow their business and get their life back.

The Reasons These Problems Exist…

  1. You are targeting the wrong people.
  2. The message you’re sharing is not communicating with them contextually.
  3. Your offer isn’t clear enough.

How To Fix Your Leads…

The first thing you need to do is attract and connect new prospects by speaking to their emotions using content. Next, you need to show, don’t tell. Prove you’re the authority in your space by telling compelling stories. Once you’ve addressed those core elements you need to create contextual offers and frame your messaging using the Million Dollar Message format.

The Puzzle Pieces For More Leads…

This is just a piece of the three steps that live inside of our 3x Growth Map. A couple decades of combined knowledge and practice in the field have evolved into a proven strategy we call a Sustainable Content Model. It follows our 3 Pillar System for effective long term marketing. This isn’t just what we use to help the businesses we work with. All successful businesses use some variation of this formula to attract new customers and grow their brand. With this strategy we have helped several other local businesses achieve long term success in generating 3x more qualified inbound leads in 90 days or less without gambling any time or money.

So What’s The Plan?

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in learning more about we have something really amazing for you! You can grab this entire framework and the training that goes along with it at no cost. You can carve out your very own Sustainable Content Model to suit your brand. You will learn the exact steps other successful businesses have used to 3x (or more) their qualified inbound leads in 90 days (or less). All without the stress of gambling your time and money, even if you’re new to online marketing! As the world of marketing constantly evolves so does the resources and this one won’t be available forever. Click the link below to take advantage of this incredibly powerful strategy!

Grab the framework, and enjoy the new leads!